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How to Download Digital Stickers and Use Them In GoodNotes

I gifted those on my email list a free digital planner and a sheet of digital stickers. I hope this instructional video makes this process very clear. If you have any questions please leave them below and I’ll do my best to answer them. Thank you,


Tips To Get Your Priorities In Order Now So You Can Hit The Ground Running In The New Year

Use the following 14 steps to get your thoughts and actions in order before the new year so that you can hit the ground running towards your goals on January first.

DIY Windmill Decor

Hey everyone. I just wanted to share how I made this windmill decor because I love the way it turned out and it was so easy!                 A little back-story… Earlier this year my husband and I set out to make ourselves a little garden out of as many recycled materials as possible. A work friend gave us some old and rusty roofing tin … Read More DIY Windmill Decor

Tea Party/Bridal Shower Tea Bag Invitation – Alice In Wonderland

Earlier this year my sister-in-law asked me to make invitations for her upcoming bridal shower. I made the invitations for my wedding and I was beginning my dive into surface pattern design at the time, so it was perfect timing for this challenge. She told me I had free creative reign over the invitations, but I still poked for some criteria to follow. What … Read More Tea Party/Bridal Shower Tea Bag Invitation – Alice In Wonderland

Farmhouse-Style Window Frame Picture Frame

Is that title a mouthful, or what?! Follow along to see how I created this country/farm-style work of art!  About a month ago my husband and I came across a whole bedroom set and a couch at a yard sale. It was exactly what we had been looking for to furnish our short-term rental house; modern, can be disassembled, yet inexpensive. We really scored … Read More Farmhouse-Style Window Frame Picture Frame

My Mission Statement

By Cedar is my creative outlet. I am building this brand to showcase my love for surface pattern design, arts and crafts, and nature. As a beginner entrepreneur, my brand is a work in progress. My website and all that I publish are steps toward a bigger goal of finding my niche; my place in this wide world of artists.                 To reach that goal, … Read More My Mission Statement

Let me Introduce Myself

     Hello! I’m Cedar, an aspiring surface pattern designer. My roots are in a small Colorado town but I have grown and now live in the Northwestern tip of Montana, where I flourish. My heart is filled with mountains, lakes, and everything nature. My mind is filled with ideas on how to share my passions with the world through fabric, wall art, and … Read More Let me Introduce Myself